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Have a look at the Importance of FCI (Food Corporation of India)

FCI in full form (Food Corporation of India), plays a very important role in food security, to prevent food we go through various processes, and this exam exactly made to recruit candidates for various positions in the food-preventing process. It FCI plays a crucial role in ensuring food security and maintaining a stable security system in India.

It is one of the largest corporations initiated by the Indian government and operates as a supply chain management system. It was established in 1965 by the Government of India under the Food Corporation Act 1964. 

One of the main objectives of FCI is to ensure that we have a good enough grain supply at reasonable prices to the people and maintain a large stock of food grains for any emergency situation.

FCI is also important for producing food grains from the farmers. FCI acts as an intermediary between farmers and consumers, ensuring that farmers receive a fair price for their produce and consumers have access to affordable food grains. This process helps stabilize prices, reduce market fluctuations, and ensure a steady income for farmers.

Another significant aspect where FCI plays a crucial role is in promoting agricultural growth. By procuring large quantities of food grains, FCI provides farmers with an assured market. This encourages them to increase cultivation and adopt better farming practices, leading to improved agricultural productivity.

FCI’s procurement operations also help in encouraging crop diversification and reducing dependence on a single crop in specific geographical regions. Moreover, FCI plays a significant role in managing the Public Distribution System (PDS). The PDS aims to provide essential commodities to the vulnerable sections of society at friendly rates.

FCI is responsible for procuring food grains from farmers and distributing them through a network of Fair Price Shops (FPS). This ensures that even the economically weaker sections of society have access to essential food items at affordable prices.

FCI is one of the largest corporations in India and one of the largest supply chain management companies in Asia. It operates through five zonal offices and 26 regional offices across the country.

It has a network of about 2,000 godowns, warehouses, silos, etc. where it stores about 80 million tonnes of food grains. It also has its own transport fleet, quality control labs, research, and development wing, etc.

FCI employs about 22,000 people who work hard to serve the nation. It helps in stabilizing the market by maintaining a very enough stock of food grains. This good enough stock acts as a cushion against price fluctuations and ensures that there is a sufficient supply of food grains in the market.

By regulating the supply and demand dynamics, FCI helps prevent hoarding, black marketing, and price manipulation, thereby ensuring that food remains accessible to all sections of society.


As we all know, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) plays a pivotal role in ensuring food security by procuring, storing, and distributing food grains across the country. Its significance lies in stabilizing food prices, supporting farmers, and safeguarding against food shortages. FCI is a cornerstone in India’s efforts to meet the nutritional needs of its vast population.

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