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The Importance of Income Tax Filing in India

Income tax filing is a crucial aspect of financial responsibility for individuals and businesses in India. It is not just a legal obligation but also a vital contributor to the country’s economic development.

An Income Tax Return is a document that taxpayers use to declare the specifics of their income, the tax due on that income, exemptions, and deductions for a specific fiscal year. Taxpayers are required to file ITRs for a number of reasons, but the main one is to claim tax deductions.

Meaning Of Income Tax – An Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form that you use to submit data to the income tax department about your earnings and taxes. The amount of tax due is determined based on the taxpayer’s income.

The individual will be qualified to receive an income tax refund from the Income Tax Department if the return indicates that too much tax was paid during the year. A person or business that receives any income throughout a financial year is required by law to file a return each year.

The income may come from Salary, Business Profits, Rental Income from Real Estate, Dividends, Capital Gains, Interest Payments, or other sources. An individual or business must file their tax returns by a certain date. A taxpayer is required to pay the penalty if they miss the deadline.

Benefits of Filing Income Tax Return in India –

1) Excess TDS Claim –

Tax can be taken from your salary, Fixed Deposit, or any other source, even if your income is not taxable. For instance, if your total income is under ₹2.5 Lakhs but you received ₹1 Lakh from an FD in the bank, the bank is required to deduct 10% tax from this amount.

In this situation, the tax that was subtracted by filing an ITR can be repaid. A person must submit a tax return in order to claim any TDS that was taken at the source.

2) VISA Application –

The likelihood that a visa application will be rejected or flagged as problematic decreases if ITR documentation is submitted with the application. The tax return illustrates the person’s civic responsibility.

Several countries now demand ITR for visas due to rising security concerns. For instance, even if you had no income during those three years, you must submit the returns from the previous three years when applying for a Schengen Visa.

3) Establishing Losses –

If you want to carry over a loss from the previous year’s stock market, you must file a return, even if it is NIL.

If you want to offset those capital losses, you should file an ITR whether you obtain any profit or not. Additionally, if a person owns foreign stocks, they must file an ITR in accordance with income tax regulations.

4) A Reliable Proof of Address –

The Income Tax Return is valid as address verification. Even an Aadhaar Card can be obtained using it. Aadhar Cards, licenses, passports, and other documents like those are all required to have address proofs.

Frequently, these documents do not accept common forms of identification like ID cards. Your Income Tax Return can be applied in such cases.

5) Authentic Evidence of Your Earnings –

Form 16 is typically given by employers to their employees as proof of income. The ITR Filing form serves as actual income verification for self-employed or independent contractors.

It includes a thorough breakdown of a person’s income and expenses for the entire fiscal year.

6) For Purchasing High Coverage Insurance –

More people are purchasing life insurance policies for over ₹50 Lakhs. However, insurance companies will not accept it unless you show them your ITR records that show your yearly income.

Your working income will determine how much coverage you receive, and ITR shows the insurance company that you make a lot of money.

7) A Crucial Document for Loan Application –

The bank requests certain documents from you when you apply for a loan to buy something, like a car or a new home for your family or business. Aadhar Cards, PAN Cards, Licenses, Photo Identification, etc., are some of the documents that might be required.

Additionally, your income proof is one important document that is requested. ITR for the previous three years was frequently requested by banks. This is done to determine whether you will be able to repay the loan given your past and present financial circumstances. ITR is helpful not only when requesting bank loans but it can also help you apply for a credit card. Before issuing you a credit card, credit card companies will also request your prior earnings and tax returns.

8) Scholarship Advantages –

Various authorities view an ITR as a source of income documentation (both government and private).

For instance, you can submit an ITR to claim specific institute and/or university scholarships. The ITR aids in establishing the prospective student’s ability to prove their income, and insurance companies also accept them as acceptable documentation.

9) Funding for Startup Ventures –

When planning to launch a new company or grow an existing one, you might require funding from outside sources like venture capitalists or seed investors.

These investors might inquire about the specifics of your ITR in order to evaluate the business’s financial stability and profitability. They could cross-check the data in the audited report using your ITR forms as well.

10) Benefits for Independent Contractors & Professionals –

Self-employed or independent contractors do not receive Form 16. Their ITR is frequently the only record that demonstrates they have filed income taxes. Without this evidence, they might run into funding problems and transactional issues.

The filing of ITR is an important obligation cast by the law on the taxpayers. It is important for taxpayers to report their income and assets in ITR and pay applicable taxes within the stipulated timelines.

Over the last few years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of tax return filings. The government has also introduced several measures to encourage more filing of ITRs by eligible taxpayers.

These measures include revamping the income-tax portal, pre-filled forms having auto-populated data from permanent account numbers (PAN), withholding tax returns, other reporting by financial institutions, etc. It has also helped the government in tracking tax defaulters.

Conclusion –

Every year, filing tax returns is viewed as a moral and social obligation of each and every responsible citizen of the nation.

It serves as the basis on which the government calculates the amount and means of citizen expenditures and offers the assesses a platform to occasionally request refunds in addition to other forms of relief.

 It is a vital part of being a responsible citizen. It contributes to the growth and development of the nation, ensures fairness, and supports essential services.

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